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Who we are?

We are agents of change

Engineers at sentienz has over 100 man years of experience in performance tuning and engineering open source tools like Druid, Yarn, HDFS, Kafka, Zeppelin etc.

What we do?

We make for the new & possible

Our team built the data platform supporting the 4th largest e-commerce site in the world, ingesting in real time over 25 Terabytes of data a day and processing in excess of 60 Petabytes of online data. Our contributions to the big data and analytics open source software (OSS) community are deep, extensive and varied.

Why Sentienz?

The Right way

Sentienz is a company focused on innovation by leveraging cutting edge technologies to solve engineering and business problems. Sentienz core team has more than a decade of experience in working with Big Data ecosystem namely Hadoop/HDFS, Kafka, Yarn, Zeppelin, Cassandra and Spark.

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Sentienz, a dynamic team of Big Data Experts.

We are agents of change

Best Big data Solution provider

The Sentienz team includes rockstar data scientists and data engineers. We have over 100 man-years experience in the architecting of petabyte scale digital insights platform, building machine learning models and advanced analytics platform.

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