Advanced Performance Engineering

Performance engineering is function of time that is it comes with experience.

Unless you have seen it and done it ,delivering the right value is a difficult proposition

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One of the world’s largest communication providers relies on Sentienz as a trusted partner and strategic technical advisor to help their internal IT teams perform at the highest levels. With an evolving understanding of their business objectives and competitive challenges, the client sought to determine what adjustments would be needed to their IT systems, teams and processes to enable them to double their volume of business in two years. The Sentienz team engaged the client in a three phased project.
A technical audit was performed in the context of client’s strategic business objectives, opportunities and threats. The audit covered all the core software platforms used to deliver services to their global client base. A list of findings, each identifying scaling, reliability and security issues in the open source software (OSS) used within their core software platforms, were categorized by severity and urgency.
The Sentienz team performed an architecture refactoring of the core software platforms to improve system qualities like performance, security, availability, reliability and configurations. The refactoring is used to formulate agile plans for the internal IT teams to ensure they can meet and exceed the business requirements defined by the clients leadership team.
The Sentienz team identified myriad performance, security and reliability issues hidden in open-source software (OSS) used by the client’s IT teams. The Sentienz team are experts and frequent contributors to the most popular OSS projects. Many internal IT teams select specific open-source software when building toward short term needs without having a full understanding of what it takes to make OSS perform at scale and to make it production grade.

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