Customer Engagement Management

Problem Statement

A Greenfield Digital Wallet company promoted by leading Enterprise was looking to


Gain the Market share


Reduce failed orders


Enhance the Customer experience


In order to meet the Business requirements, Sentienz implemented Data platform based on kafka, spark, storm and other open source ecosystem. The Data platform was then integrated with various enterprise system like CRM, ERP and other data sources like machine logs. An Ingestion system was implemented to extract & blend the data from multiple sources to get 360 degree view of the customer and transactions.



Implemented Data patform

To ingest blend, curate, process and visualise data.

Implemented Campaign Management System

Segmented data of the customer was fed to the Campaign system and targeted campaign was run to improve engagement and offer Coupons.

Implemented Ingestion system

Log data was ingested and blended with transactional data to track failed orders. Failed transaction was analysed using the transaction log and Automatically initiated remedial action improving the customer experience.

Implemented Recommendation Engine

Buying pattern of the customer was fed to Recommendation engine to improve cross sell and up sell. Browsing and viewing pattern of customers was used to recommend coupons to improve retention.

Business Benefits

  • 30%
    Increased Revenue
  • 80%
    Failed orders
  • 50%
    Number of calls landing
  • 7%
    Increased Wallet Adoption

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