Core Functions

Data Collection

Ingest Realtime Data From Any Source

Sentienz Argo provides out of the box data collection capabilities from a variety of data sources(Kafka, HDFS, etc.), databases and also supports streaming log files at real time to Argo platform. Format, Schema, validations, etc., can be managed from a Centralized user interface and real time data collection statistics can be monitored from the dashboards provided by Argo.
The Argo data collection system is secure and highly optimized for large scale ingestion.

Realtime Analytics

Data driven decision not only ensures your decision is backed by verifiable data but also gives a competitive edge. Data which undergoes dynamic analysis as and when it enters the system makes way for realtime analytics, the insights are generated with in seconds. Realtime analytics for e.g. gives the edge for making the time critical decisions during sale periods and peak traffic hours. Trading data, data from health sensors and data from IOT devices etc. make up a strong use case for realtime analytics. Identifying fraudulent transactions also happen in realtime.
Argo data platform does joining of multiple streams of data, process out of order data and provide wide range of visualizations on the processed data.

Batch Analytics

Certain use cases like fraudulent transactions not only need dynamic analysis of data but also need results (to generate patterns) that are generated after processing large volumes of data accumulated over months and years. Large enterprises have data that spans across years which are useful to generate deeper insights and mine the hidden insights.
Other notable use cases are User segmentation and sessionized data, anomaly analysis and process optimizations based on observed patterns.
The batch platform pre-processes the data, transforms it and feeds the data into various analytical end points like a data warehouse or cube. This data can be viewed using wide range of visualizations by our reporting tools. Sentienz Batch Analytics Platform helps you in sanitizing your data, transforming it and analysing it using data warehouses and cubes.

Data Governance

Preserving the integrity and consistency of your organization's data is crucial. May it be for resolving internal data issues or Legal compliance or audits or enabling business users to make decisions based on high-quality data and well-managed information assets,
We are here to help with our highly qualified Consultants with cross industry Data Governance implementation experience.
What organizations need is the ability to leverage all their data, Big or small, inside or outside of the enterprise, to build and evolve an information-driven business. Information driven business requires a Unified Information Architecture. Unified Information Architecture maximizes the value of your existing Information ecosystem and allows it to evolve to incorporate new and different data, Big Data.

Data Security

Sentienz Argo incorporates practices and processes that ensure data is secured and used or accessed only by authorized individuals or parties. Data security ensures that the data is accurate and reliable and is available when those with authorized access need it. and enforce strict data privacy measures that govern data access and usage according to the agreed purposes.

Automation & Essential

Sentienz Argo platform comes with a suite of tools that takes care of important tasks like data Migration, cluster monitoring, data archival etc…
Data Migration appears to be a routine activity but according to Bloor Research, as many as 60% do not succeed. Migration can be across versions with in same cluster or moving data to a new datacentre. Sentienz Datatrans takes care of throttling, on the fly compression, addresses bandwidth challenge and Issues in cluster or network failures can interrupt transfer, in such situations remembering the state and State Handling becomes essential.
In a distributed environment monitoring every node becomes important especially critical resources like cpu, memory and disk. Sentienz ArcMesh provides a unique unified state based monitoring which allows to diagnose every node across clusters in real time. Thus enables us to scale resources or optimize resources, increase productivity and address the issues in cluster as and when they occur thus increase customer experience and save cost penalties due to future unforeseen circumstances.

Notification & Alerting

If Visualization is one goal of any platform, the other goal is the ability to send notifications as per the outcomes of batch analytics or realtime analytics. One use case could be sending out offers or coupons and other could be alerting user of a fraudulent transaction. Sentienz Notification platform is a large scale distributed notification framework that can store and fire millions of notifications to end customers based on priority, it allows notifications to be sent in bulk to prebuilt list or dynamically generated target and additionally comes with below capabilities


Representing the outcome of analytics, creating cubes allowing drill down ,slice n dice on the data is one of the end results of any Bigdata analytics platform. Sentienz argo comes with great visualization tool called Visage that allows users to explore complex data sources, allows the user to see different perspectives of data, supports variety of charts and allows user to create his own dashboards, allows pulling of data that can reside in databases both sql and nosql, supports hive data and allows cube materialization.


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