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With our vast experience and deep engineering knowledge about open source software we can help you build Digital insights platform. Digital insights platform is converged platform with technologies to blend and manage data from varied sources structured, unstructured, semi structured to build information driven architecture.


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Big Data Engineering

Building big data platform not only takes time but also requires highly skilled engineers. The team at Sentienz Solutions has over 100 man-years experience in architecting, deploying and maintaining petabyte scale big data platforms. We built the 4th largest data platform in the world, ingesting in real time over 25 Terabytes a day and processing in excess of 60 Petabytes of online data.

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Advanced Performance Engineering

When your existing data platform struggles to meet the enterprise objectives of cost, performance optimization and scale. This might be due to lack of right engineering expertise or experience. Sentienz solutions with its vast experience can work as your trusted technical advisor to overcome the engineering challenges to meet operational excellence and client satisfaction.

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Advanced Data Science

Sentienz has built good AI practice in deep learning, convolutional neural network, NLU / NLP with expertise in DataRobot and H20 for building sophisticated Machine learning ensembles and Deep learning models. We design deep-learning neural networks, natural language processing engines, unsupervised machine learning and advanced algorithmic models.

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Product Engineering

Chief Information Officers across most industries are struggling to move from experimentation to scaling their digital business initiatives to create value by delivering new and relevant services to their customer. Most corporate IT organizations are not organized around software product development and need assistance for building new solutions which allow them to scale their business operations effectively.

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