Modernize your data ware house and architecture

Sensors, Handheld devices and other gadgets have redefined the way how people do transactions, exchange information. Social media platforms are a huge source of data to provide personalization often this data comprises of user information, opinions etc. Thus in todays world we see numerous data points. Legacy Enterprise architectures are not ready to take advantage of these new data points, they cannot easily adopt to store huge data from variety of sources like sensors, social media, IOT etc. and correlate them for a single view of data. While storage is one aspect, processing them efficiently and storing different views of data at different layers for a speedy analytics is another aspect.

Traditional warehousing and Architecture fails to support todays needs.

Traditional Architecture adds cost and administrative overhead and we cannot get valuable insights as we cannot have holistic view.

If your current ecosystem is suffering from any one of these problems then it means there is a strong need to modernize and hence save time and money.

Grand idea is to adopt to bigdata, we understand that you have already invested huge money in setting up your existing infrastructure and business is running on top of that. Eventually for a competitive edge, to provide personalization to your customers, to get hidden insights and have a holistic view of data one has to take a step towards modernization.

Experts at Sentienz and Products built at Sentienz solutions will assist in smooth Transition to Modern Architecture at the same time allows the existing IT Infrastructure to co exist with bigdata adoption.


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