Unlock New Business Avenues

Know Your Customer

94% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience

70% of customer data is made outside the enterprise

Organizations realize that knowing your customer better, serving the needs of your customer better has its benefits. Case in point, 94% of consumers will pay more for a products or service when they receive a better customer experience.

Improve Operations

10% increase in asset utilization translates to millions of cost savings

93% of execs are losing revenue by not taking full advantage of information

How can we run the business more efficiently and effectively? For example, a company that can improve its utilization of key manufacturing assets from 10% to 20% can provide cost savings up 50% across CapEx, Maintenance, etc.

Innovate Faster

71% of execs say this is the #1 factor for competitiveness

66% of IT budget is used just to keep the lights on

Organizations that strive to create a sustainable competitive advantage, know they must innovate the business to stay ahead. Innovation and innovative uses of technology go hand in hand to help organization s find those new opportunities to create net new value.

Manage Risk

15% of warranty claims could be suspect –do you know which ones?

#1 cause of fraud exposure is IT complexity

Managing Risk and mitigating exposure continues to be top of mind for business executives. Protection against fraud continues to drive most of the expenditures associated with Risk. Yet the #1 impediment to doing this is that information is siloed across the organization in complex IT systems.


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